Агляд сістэмы Wi-Fi Linksys Velop AX4200 Mesh

Агляд сістэмы Wi-Fi Linksys Velop AX4200 Mesh


With everyone working from home in these turbulent times, the demand for WiFi connections has increased exponentially, thereby raising the demand for WiFi mesh systems that do a great job in distributing the bandwidth across the home, and thus, you don’t need to buy multiple WiFi connections to maintain the connectivity.

One of the biggest names in the WiFi peripherals market is Linksys. The brand has been around for years and has risen two be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to WiFi-related equipment.

Адна з лепшых рэчаў, аднак, заключаецца ў тым, што Linksys развіваўся з часам і ў цяперашні час знаходзіцца разам з астатнімі канкурэнтамі на рынку сетак WiFi.

The Linksys Velop AX4200 is the brand’s latest offering to the market and offers a 3-piece solution for $499.99. Like all WiFi mesh devices in the market, the Velop AX4200 also seeks to help you experience total connectivity across your home or office. In this review, we will tell you exactly how it does in that department. We will also dive into the other aspect of the Velop AX4200, and by the end, you will have a clear idea of what the product is all about and whether or not it suits your needs.

Праектаванне і будаўніцтва

The first thing that we see in any product or gadget is its design, or more simply, the way it looks. WiFi mesh systems follow the tower design language, and the Velop AX4200 is no different. Some would say that Linksys took the safer route in terms of the design, but what’s good to see is that the build is strong, and the towers feel really solid in hand.

Each tower measures 9.6 inches tall and 4.5 inches in width and depth, which is a decent enough size, and the white finish makes it suitable for all sorts of home interiors. Now, if you think that the dimensions are a bit chunky for a WiFi mesh tower, it will interest you to know that each tower packs four Gigabit Ethernet ports (3 LAN, 1 WAN) and a USB 3.0 port. This is like a buffet, compared to other WiFi mesh systems in the market, which feature just about two LAN ports.

The next part of the Velop AX4200’s design is the LED indicator. Yes, almost every WiFi mesh tower features an LED indicator to help users understand what is going on, and the one on the Velop AX4200 features four colors –

  1. Сіні - гэта сведчыць аб паспяховым падключэнні
  2. Чырвоны - гэта азначае, што няма сувязі
  3. Yellow – This indicates that one tower is out of range from the other node.
  4. Фіялетавы - гэта азначае, што налада сеткавай сістэмы WiFi працягваецца

An On/Off switch, a reset button, and a WPS button are located on each node’s base.

Нягледзячы на ​​тое, што ўсё гэта гучыць як шмат, адзін погляд на Velop AX4200, і вы ўбачыце, наколькі акуратна ўсё гэта было аформлена, і ўстаноўка пасля завяршэння выглядае сапраўды вытанчана, незалежна ад дэкору дома або офіса.


The Linksys Velop AX4200 is powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 512MB of RAM, and 512MB of flash memory. It’s a tri-band WiFi 6 system that can reach data rates of up to 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band, 1,200Mbps on one of the 5GHz bands, and 2,400Mbps on the second 5GHz band.

Additionally, the Velop AX4200 makes use of the latest 802.11ax technologies, including WPA3 encryption, 1024 QAM, Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) data transmissions, MU-MIMO simultaneous data streaming, and direct-to-client signal beam-forming. Still, it doesn’t support 160MHz channel bandwidth.

Цяпер, каб выкарыстоўваць Velop AX4200, Linksys распрацавала спецыяльнае прыкладанне, якое можна ўсталяваць на смартфон і кантраляваць усю сістэму сеткі WiFi.

Адзін з балючых момантаў, з якімі мы сутыкнуліся з сістэмай сеткі WiFi, - гэта тое, што іх прыкладанні і вэб -парталы часам вельмі адстаюць і нават нязграбныя, што робіць вельмі непрыемным кіраваць сеткай WiFi дома або на працы.

Linksys has studied this issue, and thankfully, the app and the web portal are much better than most other apps and outlets we have used. On opening the app, you will see a dashboard that displays your network’s name, status (online/offline), and tabs for connected devices and nodes. Below every device that is connected to the network, the app offers the users a few essential controls, including parental controls, in case there are children in the house.

Пашыраныя налады ўключаюць налады DHCP і IPv6, параметры пераадрасацыі і адключэння партоў, фільтрацыі MAC -адрасоў WiFi і налад DNS.

Now, coming to the performance of the Velop AX4200, we did subject it to several benchmark programs, and on the whole, the impression we got was that while the numbers are promising, they are not the absolute best. For example, if you look at the close room throughput test, the Velop AX4200 notched 712Mbps, which is actually behind the TP-Link AX60 and the Asus ZenWi-Fi AX XT8.

Далей мы праверылі спадарожнікавы вузел, і ацэнка 558 Мбіт / с у тэсце непасрэднай блізкасці была лепшай, чым у TP-Link AX60, але гэта ўсё яшчэ нідзе так добра, як Velop AX MX10 і ZenWi-Fi AX XT8.

Нарэшце, мы праверылі прадукцыйнасць цеплавой карты, каб даведацца, наколькі добра сігналы WiFi размеркаваны па ўсёй працоўнай прасторы. Мы былі рады бачыць, што ахоп быў даволі раўнамерным па ўсёй вобласці, чаго мы і чакаем ад надзейнай сістэмы Wi -Fi Mesh.

У цэлым, прадукцыйнасць ёсць, калі вам гэта трэба, на Velop AX4200, але ці лепшая яна? На жаль, няма.

Як усталяваць 

With the technical aspects taken care of, let’s talk about the setup procedure. Like most other WiFi Mesh devices, the setup of the Velop AX4200 is pretty straightforward.

Once you unbox the product, the first thing you have to do is download the Linksys app and click on the setup new WiFi Mesh option.

Next, go through the on-screen instructions and then wait for the LED to turn purple. Once this happens, go ahead and create your account on the app. You will now be pumped to set a WiFi name and password. Next, set the location for the main node, and then move on to the next node. The whole process took us around 5 minutes, with no errors along the way.

Агляд сістэмы Wi-Fi Linksys Velop AX4200 Mesh

The mobile app for the Linksys WiFi mesh systems is available as a free download for Android and iOS devices.


Linksys does have a solid package in terms of the Velop AX4200 WiFi mesh system, with a beautiful design, sturdy build, more than. enough connectivity options, a straightforward setup procedure, 

 мы цвёрда верым, што гэта прылада высокага класа для сур'ёзных стрымераў і геймераў

Аднак, калі вы гатовыя выдаткаваць прафесійную сістэму на сетку WiFi, мы рэкамендуем сетку Wi-Fi Linksys Velop AX4200.

адзнака: 4.00/ 5. Ад 1 галасавання.
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